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Friday 10th October 2014 - Sunset from Perdika Village and New of a New Baby!

We take advantage of the nice weather spend the morning on Zavia Beach, saving our appetite for the evening.

Late afternoon we change and get ready to head up to Perdika Village on the bus.  This is the last bus of the day so we also take the details of Giogios the taxi driver so that we can book our return journey to Sivota.

The House of Sweets really does have the best vantage point from where to watch the sunset so we order some wine ready to watch the sun set behind the island.  Whilst we are there I receive a phone call from my eldest son Tony to tell us that his partner Kerry has given birth to a baby girl!  I had been on tenterhooks every day since we left home but this is amazing news. As the sun goes down on another day in Greece a new life begins at home!

After a stroll around the village we decide to eat in restaurant Ta Kavouria right in the middle of the square.  We chose well.  Clearly the central point for the local community, from here we see all walks of local life coming and going.

The meal is simple but delicious - I have the local sausage and Peter has rabbit.  We toast the birth of our new baby granddaughter again!

Thursday 9th October 2014 - Exploring the Beaches and up to Perdika Village

Another bright day!  We decide to discover more of the coastline with an early morning walk.

We had only viewed Zavia beach from the main road above the other day so decide to walk down to the beach itself - it's only 700 metres from Sivota village. The walk down a steep path brings us to an olive grove and through the clearing is access to the beach.  The cyclamen growing amongst the wild grass are in splendid form this morning. A concrete terrace has a number of parasolled tables and chairs and stone steps lead down to the beach itself.  The beach is set in a deep narrow bay and the beach is sand/stone - very beautiful set against the backdrop of the greenery.

Although it's warm it isn't warm enough to swim in the sea.  We sit on the beach for half and hour then set off to Mega Ammos the next beach along the road.

Again the views of the coastline below are stunning.  

Mega Ammos is a beautiful beach - just 1.5 kilometres from Sivota Village.  The path to the beach is pretty steep - more noticeable on the way up!

We stay for a short while and then walk to Mikro Ammos beach.  We watch galleon style boat come into the bay.  Excursions are running from somewhere - probably from Corfu as there is absolutely nothing running from Sivota.

Despite the short distance between the beaches the walk up and down from the main road is strenuous work and it's quite warm today. Luckily we have times it just right to catch the bus back to Sivota village.

When passing through the village we had seen signs for The House of Sweets - Katie's Cakes up in Perdika and if there are cakes on offer I'll be there.  We check the bus time table and see there is a bus that goes there throughout the day and into the early evening so we catch the next one that leaves from the village.  

The House of Sweets is great with an extensive range of homemade cakes.  We stay for cake and tea.  The views of the bay below are stunning.  The village is quite charming and we imagine that is a really great place to watch the sunset from so we decide to come back the following evening for a meal but we will catch a taxi back.

The buses don't run very regularly so we ensure we catch the next bus back to Sivota.

That's a nice bit of exploration for the day!